NexFone - NexPad

If you’re looking for the very best IP phone, SIP phone or VOIP phone, there’s no need to search any further. The NexFone N380 and NexPad T530 offer industry-leading pixel density performance at retina level for stunning clarity and video results. These models offer the world’s most advanced security chipset from Qualcomm, so your business or organization can communicate information with a sense of security. You can use the NexFone and NexPad series as a VOIP calling solution as well as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, GotoMeeting, Google Meet meetings. The NexFone and NexPad series run on a Google Android 10 operating system.

Nexfone N350 Mid Range IP Phone

NexFone N380 | Google GMS Certified SIP VOIP Video Conference Phone

NexPad T530 | 4K HD Google Certified SIP VOIP Video Conference Tablet

NexFone N303 | Entry Level IP Phone
EAN 0719710752757

NexFone N308 | Enterprise IP Phone
EAN 0719710752764

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IP, SIP, VOIP phones. Are you looking for the very best IP phone, SIP phone or VOIP phone? NEXVOO’s NexFone series offers a wide range of professional phones.

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Conference bars. The NexBar series offers built-in 120-degree 4K lenses and brings your teams into sharp focus, an array of microphones clearly record participants’ voices and provide everyone with studio-quality video and audio.

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Interactive whiteboards. Are you looking for a complete interactive whiteboard with possibilities for dynamic lessons, presentations and video conferencing? The NexBoard series offers you an all-in-one device for business or educational use at an affordable price.